Elizabeth is a fierce warrior of love and healing. I find her presence to be both incredibly tender and incredibly grounded and strong.  There is a sense when you are with her that there is nothing in you that she cannot hold, no sorrow or suffering she cannot meet with welcoming and kindness and love, nothing in you that is too big for her heart and her presence.  – Mark G., Psychotherapist

I’ve been gratefully seeing Elizabeth regularly for over a year now, and I can’t say enough about how my sessions with her change my life for the better. The last couple of years have been challenging for me with a lot of transition, and having a present, rooted woman like Elizabeth in my life to work on my physical and emotional body, has been crucial for my healing. Her presence feels safe, nurturing and grounded, allowing me to unfold in whatever way is necessary for the release and healing that needs to take place. She is gifted in the way she massages, and also in following her intuition towards using any other tools she feels best suit your needs. I recommend Elizabeth to my patients all the time when they are seeking someone who can relieve their physical aches and pains but also meet them on a spiritual-emotional level. Elizabeth is a master at meeting you on all these levels and knows how to do so in the most gentle, beautiful and graceful way. I am so grateful to have found her! 

- Summer, EAMP

I seriously don’t know what I would do without Elizabeth’s services. I have been to over two dozen massage therapists and never found the right one – until now. She connects with you on an emotional level, thoroughly addressing all areas of concern with amazing results.  She is quite a blessing and I highly recommend her.

Julie N., Attorney

Elizabeth’s intuitive, thoughtful approach to healing along with her genuine compassion and concern for other’s well being is what makes her amazing! It’s clear with every session that she’s doing something that she truly believes in and cares about.

- Todd C., Certified Healthcare Facility Manager

Elizabeth is an angel among us, and the most natural and gifted healer I’ve ever encountered. Her supernatural ability to form an open connection, hold space, and intuit trouble spots cultivates a trust upon which deep, deep work can be done. Her work infuses a thorough understanding of physiology with a spirit that can help bring down the walls between therapist and client: a loving and human approach that may lead to releasing things you didn’t even realize you were carrying.

Elizabeth helped provoke my own awakening as a person and a nascent healer, and is an absolute inspiration.  I can say with direct experience there’s almost nothing she can’t untangle and rebuild.

If you’re reading this sentence, book her now and stop wondering — or, perhaps I should say: start.

- Joe S., Web Developer and Multimedia Journalist


“I have been getting regular massage for over 20 years and Elizabeth is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with.”

- Susan F.

“Each session with Elizabeth is unique and very much in sync with what my body needs that day. She worked with me a lot during my postpartum period and helped me return to my body gracefully.” 

- Tamara N., Spiritual Intuitive

“I’ve been going to see Elizabeth for about 4 years now and though I moved to different part of town, I wouldn’t dream of finding a different therapist closer to home. She’s amazing!”

-  Sarah C., administrator, fantastic problem solver

Working with Elizabeth has opened me to a totally new level of massage experience. She guided me on a journey thru my body- tracking down my pain, discovering places where it was lodged.  Elizabeth’s work not only helped with the chronic pain I knew I had, but she also uncovered the not yet fully manifested body pain- releasing the energy from the places I was not even consciously aware of. She was so unbelievably in tuned with my body. I felt fully supported and relaxed thru the deep level of work that was being done. Coming out of our session, the first thought that came to me was ‘This is such a Blessing,’ Elizabeth’s work is that… A True Blessing and a Gift.

- Milicia A, architect

Elizabeth’s way of creating a comforting and relaxing experience has literally changed my life. I can’t speak enough about the way she has increased my awareness of my body and the care that it needs. Elizabeth has helped me work through my concept of living with an auto-immune disease, and has been a vital part of my road to working with my body rather than against it. I leave her sessions feeling whole and at peace no matter what’s going on. It’s incredible, I have recommended her to everyone I know! 

- Ashley J., Therapist

I have been a happy client of Elizabeth’s for many years. She listens well and seeks a clear understanding of what is going on with you before starting her work. She continues to study and learn new techniques and ways to increase the healing effects of her work. She offers helpful suggestions of exercises, stretches and other therapy to help prolong the benefits of massage between sessions. I always look forward to my time with her. I am grateful to her for many years of well being and continued peaceful healing.

- Val B., Senior Transportation Planner

Elizabeth has been a true miracle for me.  When I first started seeing Elizabeth about 7 years ago, I was mainly dealing with lower back pain from a bulging disc, which she methodically massaged and worked out the kinks on over and over.  As the years went on, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which has left me with muscle spasticity in my neck and hands after a relapse.  I go to see her every two weeks to work on that, and I always leave feeling wonderful.  She listens and applies your feedback to her technique which I think is very important.  Not only does she have amazing massage technique, but she is a very relaxing person to be around.  You just sense that calmness from her that helps to get into the “I am here to relax mode”.  I wouldn’t see anyone else ever, if I have my way.  If you are looking for someone who will work on the areas that are problematic, leave you with a sense of calmness, or just plain looking for a fantastic massage, Elizabeth is the best choice!

- Ashlee B., Senior Contract Manager

hands and cedar

Elizabeth understands the mind-body-heart connection in a deep way and brings that wisdom to her massage practice, so that I receive the benefit of all of her incredible technical skills paired with attention to how my body is connected to my heart. - Caryn D. Speech Pathologist

Elizabeth has been my massage therapist for well over a decade now! Her keen intuition makes the healing process efficient and effective.  Her technique is varied and her hands are strong and wise and feel great.  But the thing I love the most about Elizabeth and the work she does is the heart she brings.  For me, getting massaged often times brings up emotions stuck in my body.  She stays with me and her presence and true compassion allow for these emotional releases to take place, which engenders an even deeper healing experience. She is a talented holistic therapist and I am so grateful to have her in my life!

- Ari C., Teacher and artist

“We do not arrive at ‘transformed’, we pass through it, over and over again as we are more deeply refined and revealed by life.”
Sarah Varcas